Every January, millions of people throughout the world try to stop smoking. Unfortunately, well over 90% of those who try to kick the habit are unsuccessful. Some of these people try using stop smoking gum; others use prescription aids. Recently, herbal stop smoking supplements have become increasingly popular, and many claim natural smoking cessation products are the key to successfully breaking the nicotine addiction. With the New Year fast approaching, Diane Carson and the team at News 9 Health set out to determine the truth about herbal stop smoking aids.

What are they? Do they really work? If so, how long does it take to see results? And are there any side effects? The first step to beginning our investigation was to find an herbal stop smoking aid.

Now, the internet is full of ads for natural smoking cessation products, so it took us some time to find a website we felt we could trust. I finally settled on a quit smoking aid called Smart Smoker. According to claims on the product’s website, Smart Smoker provides the following benefits: As someone who has been a smoker for over 10 years, I was a little skeptical. I’ve tried to stop smoking several times in the past, and like most other people, I’ve failed miserably. I was convinced things wouldn’t be any different with Smart Smoker.

In my research of Smart Smoker, I found that the product contains 4 primary herbal ingredients. These include: In addition to its great reputation and the herbal formula, I also chose to try Smart Smoker because the company offered a free* trial. This allowed me to try the stop smoking aid without the risk of losing money should it turn out to not live up to its bold claims. I just paid for shipping and new I had two weeks to call the company if Smart Smoker did not work for me. Within just a few days of placing my order, Smart Smoker arrived at my doorstep.

I was ready to begin my experiment. To take advantage of the same offer that worked for Diane, visit Smart Smoker Week One:  Well, after one week on Smart Smoker, I’m pleased (and a little surprised) to say that I haven’t smoked a single cigarette. Now, I’m not saying it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done, but I made it. From my past experiences, the first 3 days were always the hardest, but this time around I made it though them without giving in. The hardest part was just getting used to the idea of not smoking.

But I had no emotional breakdowns. No physical sickness. I must say, I’m impressed! Week Two: By week two, I was already starting to breathe more easily, and I just felt better than I can ever remember. You never realize how poorly smoking makes you feel until you quit.

I feel great, and I’m not dealing with any serious withdrawals. Tempting situations have come up, and I actually got close to taking a puff but I didn’t. Quitting smoking with Smart Smoker has been stress-free. By the end of week two, I was convinced this would be the time that I finally kicked the habit once and for all. Week Three: Three weeks in, and I’m still holding strong.

I’ve been taking Smart Smoker every day as recommended, and smoking really seems like a distant memory. My breathing is still improving every day. No twitching. No headaches. No withdrawal symptoms at all.

I really feel amazing. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll never smoke again. Week Four: By the end of week four, I was truly shocked at just how effective this herbal stop smoking aid really was. I was someone who smoked several cigarettes every single day for the past 12 years. My friends couldn’t believe that I finally quit.

I was even able to go hang out at our favorite bar without feeling the urge to light one up. What’s really great is I received a new shipment of Smart Smoker without having to lift a finger because I enrolled in the autoship program. It couldn’t be easier! Week five: Over a month has gone by, and I’m now officially past cravings. Cigarettes actually sound kind of gross to me now.

I was out the other night, and when a friend offered me a cigarette, I politely turned it down without thinking twice. Week six: A good friend of mine who has been smoking since I first met him 15 years ago noticed that I quit smoking. He’s tried quitting probably 20 times by now, and he’s never been successful. Of course, he asked me what my secret was, and I turned him on to Smart Smoker. He just placed his first order!

Week seven: You know the best part about quitting smoking? The money I’ve saved. To date, I’ve saved $140 by using Smart Smoker instead of buying cigarettes. Not only do I feel better, but I have more money. Talk about a win-win!

Week eight: This week, I received another order of Smart Smoker. It’s so easy once you enroll in the autoship program. As soon as your Smart Smoker bottle starts running low, a new monthly shipment comes in. I plan on continuing to take Smart Smoker even after my “experiment” ends. I’m officially a non-smoker.

I couldn’t be happier. You’re probably just like me. You’re filled with skepticism about herbal stop smoking aids. You’ve tried to quite smoking many times in the past, and you’re convinced there isn’t an answer. But I’m here to tell you that Smart Smoker really does work.

It’s the only stop smoking product I’ve ever tried that really lives up to its claims. Feel free to check out the links we’ve provided to learn more about herbal smoking cessation and Smart Smoker. The New Year is almost here, and this time, you can finally keep your resolution to stop smoking. Remember, Smart Smoker offers a free* trial, so you have nothing to lose. Good luck with your quest to finally stop smoking!

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